simi head studd crew

Making dreams come true. Our guy on the phone and responsible for all business enquiries.

pat head studd crew

Our little visionary. Connecting people and organizing all the great events.

bellamnn head studd crew

Keeping the balance. Always there to lighten the mood. Our chief of community.



ella don head studd crew

Our photographer and lead designer, making awesome pictures and bringing her amazing artistic skills into the project. If you want to see more of Ella's work check out her website : www.elladon.com

basti studd crew

The next level genius. Coding and developing just runs in his veines.

Noel B Flash V Enc Spieler Head Stuff Profile 2019

Dedicated to reach the top with the team. Our new kid on the block,
bringing a new perspective and innovative ideas to the team.

Miles Drammeh V Enc Spieler Head Stuff Profile 2019

Coach, analyst, strategist & gamer. Combining gameknowledge and strategy andguiding  players in the right direction.